‘Aggressive’ flying causes worry

A member of the association asks for suggestions on how to curb the “aggressive” flying habits of an airpark resident. He describes “aggressive” as low passes; aerobatics over nearby residential areas, loud operations early on weekend mornings and other similar behavior.

The questioner says there is already friction at the airpark among several people and he wants to resolve this issue without creating a lot more tension and problems.

Of course, if there’s illegal or dangerous flying going on, you owe it to yourself and the other airpark homeowners to get that sort of stuff eliminated immediately. If friendly discussions don’t work and this is really dangerous or illegal, you might have to bring the FAA into the matter.

Most of the situations, which may not be illegal or dangerous but are highly disrupting to airpark residents and other neighbors, need to be resolved as quickly as possible. This type of trouble can result in airpark closures at the worst, lawsuits that cost a lot of money or ill feelings in the neighborhood at the least.

The best way to handle these is to enforce the covenants, conditions and restrictions, (CC&Rs). Usually there are some provisions in most of the CC&Rs that prohibit such flying activities. If there aren’t, some by-laws and operating rules need to be established and enforced.

If the matter is handled through the homeowners association, personality conflicts can be avoided best. In other words, the association is requiring the actions, rather than any individual.

If the case is really flagrant and the individual or individuals involved are really belligerent, it might even be better for the association to obtain the services of an outside third party to handle the discussion and present the details so anger isn’t directed at a neighbor.

Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail and the situation can be resolved without going to such extremes. The earlier such incidents are resolved; the better off everyone is going to be. Allowing situations to grow and fester only make them worse.

Anyone got any other ideas? How about situations in which you had to solve the problems? Please submit your ideas, actions and solutions so we can share them with everyone.