Interesting statistic on taxes

Recently a reader asked about posting figures for airpark taxes, real estate taxes and much, much more. Although it is extremely difficult to accumulate this type of information for all the various airparks around the country, I ran across one item in the Wall Street Journal recently that might be helpful in figuring out the possible taxes a property has levied against it.

The article noted that taxes on a piece of real estate – home, airpark, etc., nationwide averaged around 1% of the property’s assessed value.

That got me to thinking and I checked my own home tax assessment and talked to several other people both locally and in distant places and discovered this was a good rule of thumb. It is always important to check out the tax load on the place you are considering purchasing, but you can probably use this bit of data for early figuring.

Of course, I will look forward to hearing from those who deal with this type of material all the time telling us whether or not this is a valid rule of thumb.