Non-funded airports under FAA reach

We received the following letter from Ed Jeffko relating to our recent (and ongoing) discussion of thru-the-fence arrangements:

If you think the FAA doesn’t reach into non FAA funded airports, think again. The FAA’s little brother, WSDOT is in lockstep.

I have 60 acres and my neighbor has 90 acres adjoining the Tonasket, Washington airport. We approached the city council to consider a TTF agreement so that we may do some development. They took it under advisement.

Meanwhile, an airport plan was being funded by WSDOT. The planner I spoke to had no problem with a TTF agreement. However, WSDOT had other ideas. They told the city if they approved a TTF agreement, Tonasket Muni would get no more grant funding.

How’s that for the feds messing in local affairs. Big brother, little brother.

Oh well, on to plan B. I do have a plan B.

Ed Jeffko
Tonasket, WA