Letter: Enjoy the ‘changing of the seasons’ at Palmetto Air Plantation

Anyone out there seeking a reasonable climate in which to live should check out Palmetto Air Plantation. We welcome and invite you to call and check us out. Happy Flying everyone.

Looking for Nevada-based agent

I have been trying unsuccessfully for several months to find a local real estate agent with the expertise to market this project.

Looking for hangar interior ideas

Ken Hewson sent us the following note wondering how to finish the interior of his new hangar next to his home.

Subgrade and drainage are key

The two most important things that make a sod field serviceable are the quality of the sub-grade and the drainage.

Anyone have experience with…

Grass reinforcement to allow use of a turf runway on rainy days.

Question: What about state funds?

Been following through the fence issue. For now this does not appear to apply to privately owned, public access airports. Mid Valley Airpark (E98), NM has been open to public for 40 years. However, should we in any way shape or form accept state money, I can see we may get in a bind.

Airpark Land Ownership vs. HOA

I am looking for experiences and suggestions pertaining to residential airparks where a developer or individual owns the underlying land of the runway(s), taxiways, roads and other common areas.

Letter: Need some help with COMPS

I live on a modest little airport community 18 mi. north of Tampa FL. called Tampa North Aeropark (X39). Before this Sub-Prime Mortgage Fiasco hit the fan the market value of my 4 bedroom 3 full-bath country-style hangar home was approximately $440,000. Now I can’t get an appraisal up over $250,000.

What is ‘through the fence’?

My local GA field has imposed a fee on through the fence operations. I have always understood that ‘through the fence’ applied to operations taking an aircraft through a gate onto or off of the field.

Looking for development sources?

We own a 7000 foot runway as part of a closed military base. Do you have any links to qualified firms that can advise on the feasibility of an airpark?

Through The Fence temporary defeat

The City of Driggs signed a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) with the FAA in order to receive $7 million for widening and resurfacing all the runways and taxiways at the Driggs Airport (KIDJ). Prior to the agreement, eight hangar and hangar home owners received an injunction against the City to enjoin them from “affecting the interest in real property.”

Non-funded airports under FAA reach

If you think the FAA doesn’t reach into non FAA funded airports, think again. The FAA’s little brother, WSDOT is in lockstep.

Writer seeks clarification on Florida valuations

The hangar, as it is not a living space, is not considered in the valuation for a home mortgage.

Values up from initial sales, in Sweden

We have a magnificent airpark in Sweden where all 45 plots were sold in the time of six months. Now there are a few plots for sale (40 000 USD for a plot that fits hangar and house!) and that is even above the prices they were sold for initially.

Writer seeking help creating airpark

Is the any help out there for someone who wants to build a small airpark? I’d like to create one in Texas with with about four lots and a 2600 foot strip.