Lot buyer seeking set of rules for new airpark

Does anyone have a set of airpark property owner’s association rules/bylaws they can share. I am in the process of buying a lot on a airpark that is under development and the property owner’s association will need to be formed and rules/bylaws written. The property owner’s association will own the common roads, common areas, and runway.

Jeffrey Letempt

Many states have laws governing property owners associations, Home owners associations, etc. These laws, depending on the state, may set requirements for establishing budgets, having audits of the books conducted, and specifying items that CANNOT be included in covenants. Make sure that if such a law exists in your state, that you have a copy of it and make sure your covenants are in compliance with the law.

Covenants and Corporate bylaws for the HOA (as a non-profit corporation) are two distinct documents. Covenants are the “rules to live by” and also tie the HOA as a non-profit corp to the community. The Corporation by-laws are usually approved by the state Secretary of State and govern the operation of the corporation.

Charles Hanna

Probably the largest collection of CC&Rs for residential airpark communities can be found on the Living With Your Plane website. In addition, many airparks have their CC&Rs listed on their website and we have added links to well over 100 airparks from our site. Just click on links to reach them

I suggest you go through some of the CC&Rs that we’ve got listed, find the parts that seem proper to you and get them to the developer. A good attorney should be able to help write good rules that fit the lifestyle you are looking for.

Dave Sclair
Publisher – Living With Your Plane