Question: Landholder limited liability, really?

A reader from Idaho called a few days ago wondering about future airpark liability when it comes to newly enacted legislation in Idaho. Following is a follow up email he sent seeking clarification. Post your comments below if you have insight:

Idaho has enacted a statute Recreational Trespass – Landholder Liability Limited. We are trying to make sure it applies to us regarding liability when planes do fly in for visits. It says the purpose of the statute is to make land, airstrips and water areas available to the public without charge for recreational purposes by limiting their liability toward persons entering thereon for such purposes. It is under Title 36, Fish and Game, Chapter 16. Have you heard anything about this? We understand Kansas has also passed a similar statue. Would you have any info on this?

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Other states have passed similar laws. I would like to see such passed in next years session of the Oklahoma legislature. Hope to locate resources to help in this effort. If anyone has advice in this area please post.

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