Recreational Vehicles

General Aviation is a hobby or profession that many people enjoy for years and years. However, at some point in the life of many individuals they discover that in addition to their flying they become interested in other things.

Among the other interests of many folks in general aviation are recreational vehicles and boats. If you attend any of the major general aviation events like Oshkosh, Sun ‘n Fun or other fly-ins you quickly realize that in addition to the hundreds and even thousands of airplanes that are flown in for the show, there are just about as many (and in some cases more) recreational vehicles that turn up on the airport.

Our question:

How many of the property owners on your airpark own a recreational vehicle of some type or another, such as a motor home, 5th wheel, pickup truck camper or trailer? Do these folks tend to use them a great deal of the time? Do they leave in their recreational vehicle more than they do in their airplane?

Please share information with your fellow residential airpark residents. You can include your name and address if you want or simply include the state in which you reside.