Self-certification more important now

Some time ago we added an item to help airparks make sure they provided secure systems for planes and homes. We explained that we feared in the nation’s current emphasis on security and national worry of all things aviation, sooner or later someone would call for the TSA to start requiring security at private and residential airparks.

Well, recently a bill was introduced into the House of Representatives that calls for the TSA to establish security requirements for general aviation airparks – HR 3397 The General Aviation Security Act of 2005.

While the measure has been assigned to a committee, no hearings have been scheduled and none are expected. But, the bill has been introduced and that means it can be pulled out and adopted in relatively short order.

Our idea in putting together a self-certification program for residential airparks was to take the high ground. In other words, if residential airparks can show that they have looked at themselves for security problems, there’s no need for legislation and all the rules and fees that come with them.

Please take a new look at the self-certification program that’s already posted and then look at your airpark and see how you can meet some requirements. In the not too distant future we intend to finalize a self-certification program and offer it to airparks. When the airpark management meets certain criteria and pledge that they have done them, we’ll issue a certification that hopefully will head off legislation.

In addition to the self-certification program, we’ve also posted the proposed legislation so you can take a look at it, too.