Are airpark lots exceeding demands?

A LWYP subscriber inquired recently about developing a residential airpark. He was concerned that the number of airparks and their related lots and existing homes might be exceeding the demand.

You can assist this individual (and possibly others) by answering the following questions.

1. How many airparks are within 50 miles of the community in which you live?
2. How many airparks near your home have paved runways?
3. How many miles is your airpark from a major city and airport with commercial airline service?
4. How many lots are on your airpark?
5. How many lots on your airpark have a home on them?
6. What is the average valuation of the homes on your airpark?
7. Are any homes on your airpark for sale?
a. If yes, how long have they been on the market?
b. What’s the price range for the homes on the market?
8. What’s the average age of the residents on your airpark?
9. What’s the average income of the residents on your airpark?
10. Are any of the airpark residents airline pilots?
11. What is the name of the nearest major city?
12. In what state do you live?

Optional: Your name
Optional: Name of your airpark

9 replies on “Are airpark lots exceeding demands?”

well, as far as I can tell, there are no airparks within 150miles of my home (Covina, 91724 CA)other than a prv airport (Hesperia) that has about a dozen home homes along the runway with an agreement to enter…and 4 empty lots that are not for sale.

Within 50 miles of Denver there are 4-5 airparks and the prices for lots and houses keep increasing.

At this time, the demand for airpark property is a local and regional issue. As a real estate broker specializing in such property all across North Carolina I can tell you that there is no shortage in this state. However, some areas within NC are slow movers because of issues and ammenities associated with a particular airpark or location within the state.

A comment above listed Hesperia as the only airpark they know of near Covina, CA. I can think of a number of them as well, Rosamond, Bermuda Dunes, Yucca Valley and even a small one near Rancho California (now Temecula) have paved runways. South of these there is Lake Wolford, and I believe one other airpark with a paved runway.

The airpark property that I recently purchased was in New Mexico between Deming and Las Cruces. There are probably four others in the area with two in the Las Cruces/El Paso area with paved runways. The property I bought has an unpaved runway. It actually has two subdivisions with two different runways (parallel) and some 60 or so lots most undeveloped. There are a few houses built and one or two are for sale. I don’t know the asking prices of these as I was only interested in the lot and building my own home.

I guess it depends on the area you want to live in.

I was in the market for a lot in a residential airpark for several years. I live in Austin Texas, and we have several airparks just outside of Austin, Lakeway and Breakaway Park. Both of these are sold out and when a lot does come up for sale, it is out of sight on the price or it goes very quickly. I foud an Airpark outside of Kerville Texas (TS36) 3800′ paved called Silverwings Ranch. It has 33 lots, they opened it up in Aug of 04 and It was sold out with in the year. I am glad I was able to get a lot there before they were all gone.

Check out Driftwood Ranch On The Brazos. It is a beautiful gated restricted airpark located between Weatherford and Granbury Texas. Airstrip is 2006 Ft. long, paved, lighted. There are lots on the runway and on the grass taxiway for sale. Also there are lots on the deep water navigable Brazos river; also large 10 ac.+ estate lots allowing horses. Airplanes, horses and boats are welcoms. Check it out.

The comments about airparks located within 150 miles of Covina, CA left out Adelanto Airport which has a paved strip and an unpaved cross strip. There is an ad in the Airport Properties section of LWYP for lots on the runways which are currently under development, also a story on potential development from the Victorville, CA paper mentioned in LWYP.

I read one gentleman on a forum express how he thought there were airparks just peppered all over Dallas /Fort Worth. Well I live in Fort Worth and I can tell you there is NOTHING! Why doesn’t anyone get it. Build a 4000+ foot runway (density altitude considered depending on where you are at) Make it a gated community located in a decent part of town, and build houses not to exceed 200-250K. Do the little guy a favor and sell some in the 150’s. All houses should have a hanger and runway access. Put in near or in the city. (Nobody wants to drive 45 minutes to get to work) No visible commercial activity. You couldn’t build enough of these. People under estimate the size of the aviation community. There is a great demand, however not all of us are Donald Trump. 125 K lots and half million dollar homes are great but that cuts out about 80% of the folks who would love to enjoy a nice airpark. HOA’s spend tons of money on parks and pools but no runway. It’s a shame. Pilots are good folks.

Hey Rich, you hit the nail on the head. I am a real estate developer in Fort Worth wanting the same as you. An airpark locally with homes under $300K.

I have thoughts of doing something like this but it would take some investors and a good parcel of land. North West Fort Worth would be an ideal location IMO.

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