Are airpark lots exceeding demands?

A LWYP subscriber inquired recently about developing a residential airpark. He was concerned that the number of airparks and their related lots and existing homes might be exceeding the demand.

You can assist this individual (and possibly others) by answering the following questions.

1. How many airparks are within 50 miles of the community in which you live?
2. How many airparks near your home have paved runways?
3. How many miles is your airpark from a major city and airport with commercial airline service?
4. How many lots are on your airpark?
5. How many lots on your airpark have a home on them?
6. What is the average valuation of the homes on your airpark?
7. Are any homes on your airpark for sale?
a. If yes, how long have they been on the market?
b. What’s the price range for the homes on the market?
8. What’s the average age of the residents on your airpark?
9. What’s the average income of the residents on your airpark?
10. Are any of the airpark residents airline pilots?
11. What is the name of the nearest major city?
12. In what state do you live?

Optional: Your name
Optional: Name of your airpark