Hensley Airpark developer retiring

Retired.Continue readingHensley Airpark developer retiring

A victory for developer

“I believe when a man owns a piece of property, he owns from the center of the earth to the heavens above,” said resident Gerald McLemore. “I don’t want anyone recreating in my airspace above my house.”Continue readingA victory for developer

Evans airport future up in the air

The (Australia) Northern Star writes in a January 5 story the Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome has interest from both airpark and nursing home developers. The aerodrome is located in New South Wales North Coast. Click here for the complete story.Continue readingEvans airport future up in the air

Insurance for an airpark in development

My questions are about Liability Insurance and what kind of cost would be average. I would also like to put it on your web site and any other thing I may need to know on thing to do.Continue readingInsurance for an airpark in development