Wanted: Data regarding private instrument approach

Mike Meadows is a resident of Dry Creek Airport in Cypress, Texas. He’s been scouring FAA records seeking information on private instrument approaches. From his email:

The FAA’s website lists 164 Reimbursable Special Instrument Procedures. So this is for privately owned, and private use airports, and also approaches that are owned by private organizations such as charter operators, or even airlines that have paid for specific approaches for their use only.

I’m not looking for public or published instrument approach procedures, only those that are private.

We have an LNAV approach to runway 18 at Dry Creek and are in the process of getting one for the opposite runway 36.

Click here to see a current list of airparks with instrument approaches.

What say you? Does your privately owned, privately used airport have an instrument approach? Comment below or send me an email.

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I’d love to make one for my airport. I searched for information on this several months ago and didn’t find a lot of good information. If there is any information you could provide, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

1. 20GA, Stockmar/Earl Small apt, in Villa Rica GA has a LNAV+V apph to 10.
2. What procedure did you follow with FAA to get private apph approved? We need one at FD38, Wellington Aero Club, Wellington FLA.

We have a GPS 5 private approach into 7FL6 (Spruce Creek) that was developed for instrument rated residents of our facility. I could scan a copy for you if that would help. I can find it in my Garmin database but it’s not on my Avidyne MFD in my Cirrus. Don’t know why.

Hi Ben !
FL74 (Indian River Aerodrome) does not have an instrument approach. We had Vasi but now only lights.
Happy Landings.

Contact Satellite Technology International, Inc. They are “building” us a GPS approach for us at Pecan Plantation at this time. They are out of Alcoa, TN.

Talk to Jason Patrick, owner at:
865 681 6137

Joe Sasser

At Covey Trails (X09) we had a VOR/DME approach. We went public a few years ago, before I moved here and lost the approach as apparently the FAA won’t make approaches to public grass strips.

Contact your local Flight Standards District Office. AVN in Oklahoma City can usually build and flight check private instrument approches. You will have to pay the cost of developement and flight check. One advantage of a Private (unpublished) approach to a private airport is that FAA will then protect it from future obstructions affecting the Approach.

Our airpark SC99, Whiteplains Plantations in South Carolina, is also looking to establish a GPS approach for the obvious reason, but also as a way of protecting our airspace from encroachment from cell towers etc. If anyone has contact info for someone who done this please let us know…thanks.

An update to my original question. I have found several private use, privately owned airports with their own unpublished instrument approach procedures. I have not included the very large ranches for those that have their own jets. I have found 7 Private Use Airparks with their own instruments approaches out of the 625 airparks in the USA.

Dry Creek Airport, TS07 in Cypress TX, where I live, has RNAV 18 (LP mins), and RNAV 36
Heaven’s Landing, GE99 in Clayton, GA has an RNAV 23
Spruce Creek, 7FL6 in Daytona Beach, FL has an RNAV 06
Earl L Small Jr, 20GA in Villa Rica, GA has an RNAV 10
Pecan Plantation, 0TX1 in Granbury TX has an RNAV 19
Naper Aero Club Airport, LL10 in Naperville IL has a VOR/GPS 36
Wellington Aero Club, FD38 in West Palm Beach FL unknown approach type.

As far as I’m aware, Dry Creek airport is the only private airport with a grass runway that has an instrument approach.

Would appreciate any update to the above list.

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