Wanted: Data regarding private instrument approach

Mike Meadows is a resident of Dry Creek Airport in Cypress, Texas. He’s been scouring FAA records seeking information on private instrument approaches. From his email:

The FAA’s website lists 164 Reimbursable Special Instrument Procedures. So this is for privately owned, and private use airports, and also approaches that are owned by private organizations such as charter operators, or even airlines that have paid for specific approaches for their use only.

I’m not looking for public or published instrument approach procedures, only those that are private.

We have an LNAV approach to runway 18 at Dry Creek and are in the process of getting one for the opposite runway 36.

Click here to see a current list of airparks with instrument approaches.

What say you? Does your privately owned, privately used airport have an instrument approach? Comment below or send me an email.