Writer seeking help creating airpark

Is the any help out there for someone who wants to build a small airpark? I’d like to create one in Texas with with about four lots and a 2600 foot strip. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Doug McGhee


First, there’s a wealth of information on the Living With your Plane website from what kind of grass to put on a runway to various paving ideas to covenants, conditions and regulations. There are also floorplans for homes with integrated hangars and hangar homes. If you look under resources you’ll find some experts who can assist you in numerous ways.

Additionally, you ought to contact your state aeronautics department, county agent, some universities in the area and developers who have had some experience designing and constructing the infrastructure you’ll need like, water wells or system, septic or sewer and electricity hookups. Don’t forget your city or county building departments for the necessary building codes and construction permits.

Keep us posted on how the project goes as you get off the ground (pun not intended).

Dave Sclair, Editor

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