Any woes if HOA gets runway?

Has the developer of your airpark turned the runway and related properties over to the homeowner’s association? Has that been done since you’ve been involved on the airpark?

A LWYP member says the developer of the airpark on which he has a home must soon deed over the runway and taxiways and certain other parts of the property to the homeowners association.

While there doesn’t appear to be any conflict and the developer has been quite open and straight forward on all issues, this individual wants to make sure everything continues operating on that same level.

He has checked the CC&Rs and finds they don’t completely address all the questions that have come to his mind and that of others who have property at the airpark. For example, one of the unresolved issues is how the homeowners association will operate since the developer has more lots in his inventory than there are owned by individuals. Does the developer get to vote all his lots in such a case? Does that mean the developer caii control all actions if that occurs?

What has happened at your airpark in such situations? Can you share with other members of the association how you resolved these issues or others that occurred?

We suggested that a knowledgeable real estate attorney be secured by the homeowners association to protect their interests.

This is another of those situations where it is so critical that all aspects be considered ahead of time. Things like the homeowners association getting control of the runway and related properties needs to be included in agreements before properties are sold so everyone knows where they stand.

This is a critically important situation that needs input. Please call or write and tells us about your experiences so we can pass them on.