Grass runway circular

If you are interested in developing a turf runway on a residential airpark you might want to get a hold of FAA Advisory Circular 150/5370-10A dated 2/17/89. The AC title is Standards for Specifying Construction of Airports.

As you might imagine this is an extensive document but the area you probably want to look at closest is noted as Item P-217 – Aggregate-Turf Pavement.

This section of the advisory circular provides a lot of detail about the type of base that should be created, construction methods, spreading and mixing of materials, methods of measuring a wide variety of aspects of the project plus other helpful information.

The airports division of FAA has prepared a lot of material about airports and some of it may be useful in building, operating and maintaining a residential airpark. Remember, you already bought and paid for this sort of information through your tax dollar so you might as well take advantage of what ever is available.

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Dear members. I am looking for plans for a hangar/home to be built in Georgia. We have 5 light aircraft and would need about 2500 square feet in which to live. We have a lovely grass strip (lighted) over which I would like to look from a balcony/porch. If possible, I’d like the house to be on TOP of the hangar for a better view. Is this possible? Is insurance for such a building prohibitive? All comments are appreciated. If anyone has plans for sale, that too is a consideration. Thanx. LLL

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