Paving streets

I thought I would add my two cents about reader Betty Mastley, of Conyers, GA who wants the county to repave their street.

  • You will never get the county to pave a private street or road. Too many politicians and small time bureaucrats have been burned by doing things like this. Misappropriation of funds, supplies and equipment are frowned upon by the general population.
  • You cannot just give the county a street or road and then expect them to pave it. Counties have minimum standards for streets and roads, and they won’t accept the deed to a street or road unless it meets minimums.
  • Developers do not pave and curb streets just for the fun of it, they do it because they have to in order to get the city or county to accept it. Usually a 60 foot or more right of way is required; many older fly in communities have only 50 foot or less, and if it is in need of paving or repaving they certainly wouldn’t want to accept the burden of accepting ownership of it and then having to turn right around and pave it.
  • Giving a street or road to the county means that it isn’t private anymore, and anyone who wants to can drive up and down it, including the criminals casing your house for a break in. If it’s private, like it is here at the Flying-N-Estates, if you see someone you don’t know you can stop them and ask what they are doing there, and ask them to leave if they don’t have any reason for being there. You cannot do that in the run of the mill community with public streets.
  • Here we have a special assessment (per for each parcel of property) for a “road fund” in which we accumulate monies for repair and future repaving of the streets. Its expensive but that is the price you pay for privacy and security.

Another problem with the street being public, in your case, would be that you would no longer be able to taxi your airplane across the street to the runway! Surely you don’t think the county would let you do something as “dangerous” as to taxi an aircraft on a public street?

Suddenly you have a nice house with a very large garage, and an airplane you cannot get to the runway.

Keep up the good work and hope to see the LWYP grow.

Charles Hanna
Luthersville, GA