Hangar door maintenance info offered

During EAA AirVenture, several home / hangar owners asked about the proper maintenance on their hangar door. Since they weren’t the original owner of the structure, they couldn’t find printed material on what they should or shouldn’t do to make sure their doors worked – or continued to work – properly.

Figuring others had the same questions, we asked several door manufacturers to send us some information. The first response was received is reprinted below and as we receive additional comments we’ll add them.


We are willing to send each door owner a complete manual that has the information they would need to service their door. We need the order number —for each door with each request — we are happy to send these out at no charge.

As to publishing it to the web — each door has it’s own unique add on’s — it’s better to do each door as they were ordered. The Order number of the door is located on the inside bottom truss of the door!


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