Airparks in Illinois

Illinois’ 18 airparks include four that opened in the 1960s and 1970s. The oldest of the group saw its first operations in 1966 with another one in 1969.

Big South Fork Airpark now open

The vision is to create a 450-acre dreamscape for plane and horse lovers alike.

New Airpark for Brunswick County

Residential Flying lots are available for $100,000. You can build a fly-in home in this community.

Australian ‘Airpark dream goes on display’

Living on an airpark is a dream for many pilots and aircraft owners, and not just those located in the United States.

WSJ quotes Living With Your Plane

The Wall Street Journal quoted’s Ben Sclair when the newspaper highlighted three airpark properties for sale. The properties were located in Florida, Georgia and Indiana.

Fatal Accident

What’s the safety record for residential airparks? That’s a frequent question I’m asked at forums and in other conversations.

AAAE hears about Residential Airparks

This article is reprinted with permission from the May, 2006 issue of Airport Business Solutions, Tampa, FL

Emergency Use of Airpark

One of the best ways some airparks have found to be considered a good community citizens has been to offer use of the airpark to local police and medical authorities.

Misled by CBS; Airport manager says he was ‘set up’ by the network

John Trissel, manager of Waynesboro-Eagles Nest Airpark (W13) in Virginia, thought a CBS news crew was at the airport to do a story about life on an airpark. But when they turned the camera on him, the questions were not about airpark living, but about security at general aviation airports.