Godspeed Dad

We laughed, cried and remembered. If such an event can be peaceful, this was.

Looking for Nevada-based agent

I have been trying unsuccessfully for several months to find a local real estate agent with the expertise to market this project.

Sessions to host SUN ‘n FUN forum

Sessions lives on Cannon Creek Airpark in Lake City, Florida and has been a long-time forum co-presenter with Dave.

Question: Looking for knowledgeable lender

Do you have a packet and/or links to information for bank officials who are familiar with fly-in communities?

Question: What about state funds?

Been following through the fence issue. For now this does not appear to apply to privately owned, public access airports. Mid Valley Airpark (E98), NM has been open to public for 40 years. However, should we in any way shape or form accept state money, I can see we may get in a bind.

Airpark Land Ownership vs. HOA

I am looking for experiences and suggestions pertaining to residential airparks where a developer or individual owns the underlying land of the runway(s), taxiways, roads and other common areas.

Permit needed for fuel tank deliveries

There’s a fuel tank in the ground on the residential airpark property I am interested in acquiring. The seller hasn’t had fuel delivered in a number of years but he says the tank is sound and there’s no reason it can’t be filled by a local distributor of av gas or auto fuel. What are the rules on this?

What to do about those not paying

After buying the property and moving here I discovered there are a few property owners who have failed to pay their annual assessments. The board of directors keeps talking about the situation but doesn’t appear to be doing anything.

WSJ quotes Living With Your Plane

The Wall Street Journal quoted LivingWithYourPlane.com’s Ben Sclair when the newspaper highlighted three airpark properties for sale. The properties were located in Florida, Georgia and Indiana.

Should commercial operators on residential airparks pay more than other residents?

In our case, the owner of a commercial – residential lot on the airpark resides on the lot, and he operates an aircraft maintenance business on the lot.

Insurance firms provide answers to airpark liability coverages

Recently we asked insurance firms to tell us about liability insurance terms and fees for residential airparks. We received responses from Jon R. Shimer, Jr. of Aviation Insurance Resources and Norma Joyce of AUA. The information they provided is below together with the contact information.

Need an on-site architect for your airpark project?

Will relocate to work onsite on airpark project.

Sun ’n Fun forums had good participation

At least two or three new airpark plans were revealed during the seminars and we’re added them to our listings of airports under construction or in the planning phase. Some of those in the list probably will actually be open during 2007.

Hangar financing sought

I’m looking for financing companies for aircraft hangers at our private airpark, Mogollon Airpark.