Questions & Answers on airpark living

One of our airpark property owners has his property for sale and the lookers aren’t particularly airplane people, from what I’ve learned. Is this going to be a problem and if so, what do we do about it?

Survey Results: Problems at Airparks – Part 2

Meeting attendance, noise complaints, and non-resident touch-and-goes.

How do you keep non-pilots from buying on airpark?

Several of the property owners at our residential airport are concerned about this. We don’t want to slowly lose control of our airpark.

Will pole building hold up as well as steel?

What percentage of hangars at fly-in communities are steel frame and what percentage are wood frame?

Liability insurance survey results

First, 77.3% of the respondents said their fly-in community did have liability insurance and the most popular level of coverage was $1 – $2.5 million.

Appraiser working on different project at Sandpoint, ID

In the development that I’m appraising, the “house” is effectively an addition to the hangar. This is a subtle but, I believe, important difference.

Residential airpark activity survey reveals interesting facts

One of the primary objections to residential airparks – indeed all airports, large and small, public and private – centers around noise. This usually is generated by the number of airplane takeoffs and landings in a given period.

Hangar restrictions vary widely by local official

Recently a subscriber asked about the limitations on hangars in his community, particularly those larger than 2,000 square feet.

Do horse farms and airparks mix?

One question and concern voiced by the commission is the fear of airplane noise on a nearby horse farm, particularly on breeding operations.

Hangars and building restrictions

A problem that keeps popping up among folks planning to build residential airpark homes is the size of the hangar and the related building code or fire department regulations.

Hangar financing sought

I’m looking for financing companies for aircraft hangers at our private airpark, Mogollon Airpark.

Survey results: Homeowner fees

The subject of homeowner fees for residents of residential airparks comes up often among residents and would be residents. It seems to be a perennial topic for the meetings of airpark homeowner associations.
Recently we attempted to gather additional information on this subject with a survey.

Real estate survey results

Our survey on home sales at residential airparks drew 115 responses representing people in 40 states. That’s an excellent response and provides a lot of good information.