What is the best airpark legal structure?

What’s the best form of organization and management for a residential airpark and how should the property be owned?

Question: Optimum airpark lot/size

What do you think is the critical number of homesites needed for a fly-in community to work? Is there an optimum size of the lots and how many acres do I need for the runway and related taxiways, roads, etc.

Difference between airpark and airport

An airpark is always also an airport, but an airport isn’t necessarily an airpark.

Question: Homes, hangars and horses

We are having a problem with horses on one acre lots with homes and hangars.

Question: Know of any county leases?

Do you know of any Privately owned, public access airparks that have done something similar? It would be nice to see an existing lease arrangement to use as a convincing tool and layout for our own paperwork.

Question: Non-airpark neighbors concerns

The simple solution to most of the problems is called “being a good neighbor.”

Results from airpark buying & selling survey

The end result is that it appears we received information on about 35 to 40 transactions.

Q&A: Non-U.S. airparks

Is it safe to buy into these properties? Are these safeguards I need to consider before buying? Are Americans treated differently when buying foreign properties?

Q&A: Runway legal/tax issues

The runway in our fly-in community isn’t a separate legal entity or tax parcel. The lots on either side of the runway go to the center of the runway and each lot owner’s deed provides an easement across their private property for the runway.

Q&A – Auditing association records

Since many (most) airparks are property owner’s associations of some kind or another, and since these associations charge money as dues, and since these dues are used by officers of the association to manage the business of the associations – how often are/should the books of the association be audited?

Q&A – Liability insurance

We’re having a disagreement about liability insurance for our fly-in community. Some of our property owners want as high a liability policy as we can get. Another group says a minimum about is adequate and the third group says we shouldn’t have any liability insurance for the airpark; each homeowner should just carry his own. What’s the best answer?

Q&A: First time airpark buyer’s questions

My wife and I have looked at several airparks. It’s difficult to know where to begin, and what to look for in an airpark.

Setting HOA dues or assessments

How much is reasonable annual dues or assessment for airpark residents and for what should the funds be used?

Should commercial operators on residential airparks pay more than other residents?

In our case, the owner of a commercial – residential lot on the airpark resides on the lot, and he operates an aircraft maintenance business on the lot.

Q&A – Converting farm strip

My wife and I are in our early 60s and we’re interested in converting our farm strip into a residential airpark. We’re located about 25-30 miles from a city of about 100,000. How many lots should be expect to develop in the project and from whom do we have to get permission?