Info slim on residential airport mishaps

At more than one meeting with city and county and airport authority representatives, the question of “safety”‘ has come up. Basically, the officials want to know if it is safe to live on or adjacent to an active airport.

Stopping speeding cars

Do you have any problems with cars speeding down a taxiway at your airpark?

Fatal Accident

What’s the safety record for residential airparks? That’s a frequent question I’m asked at forums and in other conversations.

Do you have action plan in case of accident?

In the aftermath of the incident, several issues came up, none of which the residents and owners of the airpark had previously addressed.

Any woes if HOA gets runway?

A LWYP member says the developer of the airpark on which he has a home must soon deed over the runway and taxiways and certain other parts of the property to the homeowners association.

‘Aggressive’ flying causes worry

If the matter is handled through the homeowners association, personality conflicts can be avoided best. In other words, the association is requiring the actions, rather than any individual.

Fire district insists airpark provide fire truck

No other residential airpark has been required to provide such equipment for a private facility.