What is ‘through the fence’?

My local GA field has imposed a fee on through the fence operations. I have always understood that ‘through the fence’ applied to operations taking an aircraft through a gate onto or off of the field.

Looking for development sources?

We own a 7000 foot runway as part of a closed military base. Do you have any links to qualified firms that can advise on the feasibility of an airpark?

Hangar door maintenance info offered

During EAA AirVenture, several home / hangar owners asked about the proper maintenance on their hangar door. Since they weren’t the original owner of the structure, they couldn’t find printed material on what they should or shouldn’t do to make sure their doors worked – or continued to work – properly.

Soil advice?

Has anyone ever tried to change the soil texture before?

Airpark amenities

I am building the Pontiac Airpark with a clubhouse, gym, sauna, pool, spa, tennis court, marina, golf holes. I would like to know if most of the airpark offer amenities like this. Thank you.

Writer seeks clarification on Florida valuations

The hangar, as it is not a living space, is not considered in the valuation for a home mortgage.

Writer seeking help creating airpark

Is the any help out there for someone who wants to build a small airpark? I’d like to create one in Texas with with about four lots and a 2600 foot strip.

Sample Thru the Fence agreement sought

What we need some help on is a thru the fence agreement between one of the property owners and the HOA.

Do you have website?

If your airpark has a website and it isn’t included in our extensive list of airparks, please email us the website information for your fly-in community so we can add it to our database.

Who’s responsible for damage to plane?

Who should pay for the damage to my Mooney? Me or the homeowner? The homeowner says it’s the pilot’s responsibility to see and avoid all obstacles as stated in the FARs.

Permit needed for fuel tank deliveries

There’s a fuel tank in the ground on the residential airpark property I am interested in acquiring. The seller hasn’t had fuel delivered in a number of years but he says the tank is sound and there’s no reason it can’t be filled by a local distributor of av gas or auto fuel. What are the rules on this?

Technology in airpark homes

Most new homes at a certain price level now come with things like home theaters, home automation, security video integrated into home entertainment video, etc.

What to do about those not paying

After buying the property and moving here I discovered there are a few property owners who have failed to pay their annual assessments. The board of directors keeps talking about the situation but doesn’t appear to be doing anything.

Question: What’s future of airparks?

I can assure you that the fly-in communities located on privately-owned airports do not have any trouble with the FAA.

Can a homeowner call a general meeting to discuss activity by the current board?

Most documents allow for a member or a group of members to call for a meeting of the general membership. Exactly what number or percentage of homeowners is required to generate such an action is different from one community to another.