Planehook takes issue with FAAs TTF proposal

From the white paper, “this FAA policy proposal contradicts previously established national policy and bears no evidence of having been coordinated through the Aviation Government Coordinating Council and the Aviation Sector Coordinating Council.”

Story is laughably one sided

As’s Brent Blue has said numerous times, show us the evidence of these alleged infractions. This story comes as a result of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing today.

Watch TTF hearing on web

The hearing will be available as a live webcast.

Word is spreading on TTF changes

The Oregon Statesman Journal reported on Sunday the FAA is “is proposing a rule that would be welcome in Independence Airpark.”

AOPA Online: FAA to uphold existing through-the-fence access

The roughly 75 airports nationwide with residential through-the-fence access may continue to offer those operations and remain in compliance with FAA regulations, according to the agency’s new through-the-fence policy released Sept. 9.

AOPA: FAA hints at details of upcoming through-the-fence proposal

AOPA is reporting a meeting with the FAA has, “described the criteria that will be outlined in the office’s soon-to-be-released revision of its policy on residential through-the-fence access at federally funded airports.”

Question: Landing rights not attached to airpark parcels

Unlike other airparks, landing rights were attached only to some lots. We currently have 4 landing rights which are not attached to a certain property and we are trying to determine their value.

FAA getting more flexible?

This is good news for all of general aviation. Could we be seeing a little bit of flexibility from the FAA?

Potential for an airpark?

“A private airfield in Wichita, Kansas, going up for auction on June 3. It is well suited for an airpark development. Perhaps some of your readers would be interested.”

TTF efforts bearing fruit; leader deserves praise

Under the leadership of Brent Blue, the residential airpark community has fought back. He has been outspoken in his attempts to get this silly piece of FAA rule reversed, especially since it was published without any input from the aviation community at all.

HeraldNet: County Council tries to preserve area’s last airpark

The Snohomish County (Washington) Council has voted 4-0 to preserve (or at least try to preserve) Frontier Airpark by requiring “a special notice for any new developments within 2,500 feet of airpark communities.”

Specific TTF input needed immediately

Ok! All you folks now living on a residential airpark, interested in doing so or just want to make sure the right to have homes on airparks remains valid – please read the following carefully and send me your responses as soon as possible.

Question: What about state funds?

Been following through the fence issue. For now this does not appear to apply to privately owned, public access airports. Mid Valley Airpark (E98), NM has been open to public for 40 years. However, should we in any way shape or form accept state money, I can see we may get in a bind.

Through The Fence Freedom of Information Act Responses

The FAA has consistently justified most of their opposition to “through the fence” residential hangars as being related to noise complaints.

Question: HOA attorney recommendation?

Can you recommend an attorney to help us form an Airport HOA in the Knoxville, TN area?