Sample Thru the Fence agreement sought

What we need some help on is a thru the fence agreement between one of the property owners and the HOA.

Lot buyer seeking set of rules for new airpark

I am in the process of buying a lot on a airpark that is under development and the property owner’s association will need to be formed and rules/bylaws written.

Writer seeks info on chip-sealing gravel runway

We have property on a gravel airstrip. The Board of Directors wants to chip seal the runway. Where can I find out about the strength, cost, endurance, upkeep problems, affect of temperature and any problems with chip seal?

Whiteplains Plantation seeing hike in activity

During the past 6-8 months we have averaged about one inquiry per month, and have been visited by several families who have toured our fly-in community neighborhood.

Who’s responsible for damage to plane?

Who should pay for the damage to my Mooney? Me or the homeowner? The homeowner says it’s the pilot’s responsibility to see and avoid all obstacles as stated in the FARs.

Correct terms help get ‘hangar home’ OK

I would like to say that with the correct use of terms and verbiage, the initial conversation with airport or airpark management and other governing body personnel must begin with the descriptive language that portrays what the requester really is asking for.

Property lines run through runway

In the event of an “incident” leading to litigation, most likely occurring on the runway, the situation becomes even more unclear.

Insurance firms provide answers to airpark liability coverages

Recently we asked insurance firms to tell us about liability insurance terms and fees for residential airparks. We received responses from Jon R. Shimer, Jr. of Aviation Insurance Resources and Norma Joyce of AUA. The information they provided is below together with the contact information.

Private airport contracting with county for public field use

The benefit of the County contracting us as such, is that it is a way to obtain funds to maintain/improve the airfield without violating the State’s “anti donation clause”.

Residential airpark activity survey reveals interesting facts

One of the primary objections to residential airparks – indeed all airports, large and small, public and private – centers around noise. This usually is generated by the number of airplane takeoffs and landings in a given period.