Telford Skypark, England, failed to develop

It was subject to a public enquiry and planning was denied even though every residential plot was spoken for and the industrial units too.

Interesting statistic on taxes

Taxes on a piece of real estate – home, airpark, etc., nationwide averaged around 1% of the property’s assessed value.

New New Zealand airpark in permitting stage

“In this country, the Mackenzie District Council subdivided 33 sections on land next to Pukaki Airport in 2008, which returned more than $1.5 million.”

Doctors flying visits

An Australian airpark is the staging ground for a doctor who makes house calls. Great use of both General Aviation and in this case, a residential airpark.

Potential for an airpark?

“A private airfield in Wichita, Kansas, going up for auction on June 3. It is well suited for an airpark development. Perhaps some of your readers would be interested.”

TTF efforts bearing fruit; leader deserves praise

Under the leadership of Brent Blue, the residential airpark community has fought back. He has been outspoken in his attempts to get this silly piece of FAA rule reversed, especially since it was published without any input from the aviation community at all.

HeraldNet: County Council tries to preserve area’s last airpark

The Snohomish County (Washington) Council has voted 4-0 to preserve (or at least try to preserve) Frontier Airpark by requiring “a special notice for any new developments within 2,500 feet of airpark communities.”

Residents near Chandler airport worry little about safety

Neighbors of Stellar Airpark, in Chandler, have little concern over safety. Even the neighbor who’s house has been crashed into. While not overly flattering, author Megan Boehnke could have done much worse in her

Big South Fork Airpark completes development phase

Oneida, Tenn. – Big South Fork Airpark, an aviation and equestrian community adjacent to the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area 50 miles north of Knoxville, has completed Phase 1 of their development, announcing properties available for sale. Gary Gallagher, Bill Armstrong and Tom Donald of the Big South Fork Airpark began planning…

Air park estate plan takes off

The Gympie Times in Australia is reporting the “Kybong aerodrome (map) is set to enter the 21st Century, with council approval of a plan which will ultimately lead to a residential airpark, where flyers can keep their aircraft in the garage, along with their cars.”

Through The Fence Freedom of Information Act Responses

The FAA has consistently justified most of their opposition to “through the fence” residential hangars as being related to noise complaints.

AOPA Online: Flexibility needed for through-the-fence access

The AOPA, in a letter dated December 18, has asked the FAA for more flexibility in its “proposed ‘one size fits all’ approach to airparks and other residential through-the-fence (TTF) operations at public-use airports”.

Airpark coming to Monroe, Georgia

The proposed subdivision, dubbed Appalachee Bluff, is eventually going to include more than 50 lots

YouTube clips explains thru-the-fence impact

Jerry and Barbara Norcia have posted a short video explaining why they built their home next to Creswell Airport in Oregon.

Daily Camera: Erie, Air Park residents disagree on runway removal

A judge has issued a temporary restraining order on the destruction of an inactive east-west runway at Erie, Colorado’s Erie Air Park.