Airpark Wish List [Preliminary Results]

One-two acres is the preferred lot size.

Airpark Wish List [Survey]

What makes a perfect airpark… for you.

Turntable hangar makes airpark life simpler for Tennessee pilot

Round and round… in the hangar.

Hensley Airpark developer retiring


Why didn’t I think of that?

Star-shaped hangar home.

Helicopter ops allowed?

Helicopters are cool. Are they allowed at your airpark?

Saving Brookeridge

Nearly closed. Now thriving.

Want an arrival route for your airpark?

Could you use an assist with arrival procedures?

Mountain Air Country Club featured on Boldmethod

Ride along on this interesting approach.

NBC: ‘When Main Street is a Runway’

Airparks in the mainstream media.

AOPA: ‘Living with the love of your life’

It doesn’t get any better than airpark living.

Falcon Ridge Airpark lots going to auction

Going once. Going twice. Sold.

Wanted: Photos and stories of the airpark lifestyle

For those of you who are living the dream, do you have some great photos of your airpark or airpark home that you’d like to share?

WSJ writes about ‘Living in Luxury Airparks’

Wall Street Journal reporter Nancy Keates put together a story – Living in Luxury Airparks – for the Real Estate section of Friday’s edition of the Wall Street Journal.

Texas airpark wins appeal in court battle

The Dallas Morning News recently reported that Collin County-based Air Park Estates, at Air Park-Dallas Airport (F69) shut down an attempt to turn the airpark over to a real estate developer.