Still no airpark decision

“One of the stipulations (of a special-use permit) is it’s not supposed to lessen the value of any property nearby. I believe it will lessen the value of quite a few properties,” said Doug Torrey, who lives southeast of the runway.

A victory for developer

“I believe when a man owns a piece of property, he owns from the center of the earth to the heavens above,” said resident Gerald McLemore. “I don’t want anyone recreating in my airspace above my house.”

Ex Ottawa military field becoming residential airpark

A former military airstrip near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is about to get a makeover as it is converted into a 326-home airpark. Named Tailwind Estates, the plan calls for 31 runway lots (average price $182,000) in the mix.

Bank offers lots adjoining New Jersey airport

A plan to develop a 19-lot development adjacent to the privately-owned Sky Manor Airport at Pittstown, New Jersey, has hit a bumpy road and the property has been turned over to the primary lender, Metuchen Savings Bank.

Residential airpark plan tabled

The Buffalo County Planning and Zoning Commission tabled a request from Mark Meyer and Onion Crest LLC for a special-use permit that would allow 16 additional hangars with residences at an existing private airstrip near Cottonmill Avenue and 85th Street about two miles south of Riverdale.

Want to help start an airpark near Atlanta?

Interested in getting involved on the ground level of creating a residential airpark?

Insurance for an airpark in development

My questions are about Liability Insurance and what kind of cost would be average. I would also like to put it on your web site and any other thing I may need to know on thing to do.

Santa Paula hangar-condo project gets more press

Bob Banman’s hangar-condo project at the Santa Paula (Calif.) airport is garnering a great deal of press. Earlier this week The Huffington Post ran a story, now the San Francisco Chronicle picked up the story and ran it both online and on page B-6 of the print edition.

Question: Optimum airpark lot/size

What do you think is the critical number of homesites needed for a fly-in community to work? Is there an optimum size of the lots and how many acres do I need for the runway and related taxiways, roads, etc.

Big South Fork Airpark now open

The vision is to create a 450-acre dreamscape for plane and horse lovers alike.

New Airpark for Brunswick County

Residential Flying lots are available for $100,000. You can build a fly-in home in this community.

Airparks info: Georgia

Georgia counts 27 airparks with three of them currently in planning or under construction. The earliest state facility, Pinewood Airpark, opened in 1967 at Douglasville, GA.

Australian ‘Airpark dream goes on display’

Living on an airpark is a dream for many pilots and aircraft owners, and not just those located in the United States.

Airparks under construction / in planning

Buying property on an as yet unfinished residential airpark requires very careful consideration of all aspects of the project.