Runway lighting controller on the fritz

The Fly-By-Night switch that permits radio control of our runway lights has gone on the fritz. Unfortunately, it’s an older unit, a BB-7, built by Subil Enterprises, which is now out of business. The new company has no association with the original.Continue readingRunway lighting controller on the fritz

Needs VASI plans, specs

A subscriber recently contacted us about runway lights and VASI. He indicated that the homeowners at this airpark are considering installing runway lights to allow for night operations and he was interested in adding a VASI.Continue readingNeeds VASI plans, specs

Airpark Security Self Certification

It is a good idea to have an Airpark Security Plan. Even if it is a self-certified plan, it shows airpark attorneys, insurance agents, area law enforcement, and government officials your airpark takes security seriously. Following is a starting point to put such a plan in place.Continue readingAirpark Security Self Certification

Residential Airpark Security

A residential airpark is a wonderful place to live, bring up a family and enjoy the convenience of living with your airplane, whether that is for business or pleasure.Continue readingResidential Airpark Security

More on joint use by planes and cars

Here are a couple of inputs relating to the joint use of roads by cars and airplanes. The first information comes from Meadow Creek Airpark in Monee, Illinois and the second one was submitted by a resident of Hidden Lake Airport in New Port Richey, Florida.Continue readingMore on joint use by planes and cars

Help needed on grass runway

Anyone have any experience in maintaining grass runways?Continue readingHelp needed on grass runway

Paving streets

I thought I would add my two cents about reader Betty Mastley, of Conyers, GA who wants the county to repave their street.Continue readingPaving streets

Grass runway circular

If you are interested in developing a turf runway on a residential airpark you might want to get a hold of FAA Advisory Circular 150/5370-10A dated 2/17/89. The AC title is Standards for Specifying Construction of Airports.Continue readingGrass runway circular

Marking unpaved runways

I came across a somewhat obscure group of FAA documents regarding Marking and Lighting of Unpaved Runways. Enclosed are the first few pages. The total package is about 80 pages. It is fairly complete and includes analysis and construction details.
Continue readingMarking unpaved runways

Featured Airpark – Leisureland

The Puget Sound area of Washington State is one of this country’s most beautiful areas in which to live and it has a climate that is extremely pleasant. (Don’t believe all the stories about it raining in the Pacific Northwest all the time. There are a lot of overcast days, but not all that terribly much rain. And, even with the overcast there are usually good ceilings.)Continue readingFeatured Airpark – Leisureland

Developer seeks to lease public land for airpark homes

Called “Paerodise,” the residential airpark is being planned for a 40 acre tract of land that is part of Bolton Field in Southwest Columbus.Continue readingDeveloper seeks to lease public land for airpark homes

Big Arizona project planned

Developer Douglas Johnson said the planned 2,000-acre subdivision near this tiny desert oasis will have about 2,500 lots, including 427 with taxiway connections to the airport’s runways.Continue readingBig Arizona project planned

Runway Classification Q&A

How are the runways on most residential airparks classified by the FAA? Public, private, restricted, etc.?Continue readingRunway Classification Q&A

Got a fuel tank on your property?

During the early 1970s and even in the 1980s it was quite common for people to obtain a fuel tank of 500 to 1,000 gallons, dig a hole and bury the thing to keep it out of sight. Back then the fuel dealers were happy to sell fuel to individuals and and dump it into those tanks. Pumps were relatively inexpensive and the installation of an individual systems was real easy to set up.Continue readingGot a fuel tank on your property?

Arizona, Wisonsin projects

More and more people in the last year or so seem to be discovering the advantages of living on a residential airpark.Continue readingArizona, Wisonsin projects