1989 FAA Thru The Fence guidelines

Many state agencies fail to take into account the differences between public and private airports in regard to such through the fence operations and as a result private airpark operators sometimes have a hard time explaining the issue adequately.

Sample Thru the Fence agreement sought

What we need some help on is a thru the fence agreement between one of the property owners and the HOA.

Lot buyer seeking set of rules for new airpark

I am in the process of buying a lot on a airpark that is under development and the property owner’s association will need to be formed and rules/bylaws written.

A victory for developer

“I believe when a man owns a piece of property, he owns from the center of the earth to the heavens above,” said resident Gerald McLemore. “I don’t want anyone recreating in my airspace above my house.”

Residential airpark plan tabled

The Buffalo County Planning and Zoning Commission tabled a request from Mark Meyer and Onion Crest LLC for a special-use permit that would allow 16 additional hangars with residences at an existing private airstrip near Cottonmill Avenue and 85th Street about two miles south of Riverdale.

What to do about those not paying

After buying the property and moving here I discovered there are a few property owners who have failed to pay their annual assessments. The board of directors keeps talking about the situation but doesn’t appear to be doing anything.

Question: What’s future of airparks?

I can assure you that the fly-in communities located on privately-owned airports do not have any trouble with the FAA.

Board sides with city on land-use issue

The Port of St. Helens, which operates the Scappoose Airport, filed an appeal with the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) to a city council vote that would allow a mixed-use airport zone.

Insurance for an airpark in development

My questions are about Liability Insurance and what kind of cost would be average. I would also like to put it on your web site and any other thing I may need to know on thing to do.

Can a homeowner call a general meeting to discuss activity by the current board?

Most documents allow for a member or a group of members to call for a meeting of the general membership. Exactly what number or percentage of homeowners is required to generate such an action is different from one community to another.

Old agreement causing headaches in Boulder

He wants to build a home and 2,000-square-foot hangar that will make for quick access to the airport. Nothing more, nothing less.

What is the best airpark legal structure?

What’s the best form of organization and management for a residential airpark and how should the property be owned?

Q&A: Runway legal/tax issues

The runway in our fly-in community isn’t a separate legal entity or tax parcel. The lots on either side of the runway go to the center of the runway and each lot owner’s deed provides an easement across their private property for the runway.

How does the IRS treat funds your HOA is accumulating for a major project?

One airpark association asks for help in filing an income tax return because they have been told that funds in an association at the end of the year is treated as profit by the IRS.

Positive ruling on residential airpark hangars

The property is platted and approved and the latest problem was getting approval for a hangar that exceeded 2,000 SF. Because local regulations and the national fire code rate such a structure as a commercial building it required considerable extra requirements.